My Favorite Feedback So Far
by CyraEm

Out of all the well-wishings I've gotten since this thing started, my favorite is what popped up in my Facebook IM today:

Cameron: your new comic is pretty damn funny

Cyra: thanks. how'd you find it?

Cameron: ive been checking up on Mementa every few weeks and you posted the link there

Cyra: oh really? i've ignored mementa for so fucking long. cool

Cameron: yeah ahaha


Cameron: lol my fave quote from any of your comics is probably "I'll just pretend theyre making popcorn"

Cyra: dude, totally david and i are such horrible roomates

Cameron: lol i saw he slapped you i was like 'wtf relationship police help her!' then i thought 'wait no its Cyra thats probably just foreplay'

Cyra: ahahahahahaha

Relationship police.

And that's why I do comics, folks. For conversations like these.