I've been getting into DeviantArt
by CyraEm

Yeah, I know, everyone else did this ten years ago before me. Shut up. I'm just now deciding to put my stuff up. At first I looked at DeviantArt, saw all the chibi fanart, and threw up a little in my mouth before clicking away. Lately though, I've decided that it would accomplish two things for me: Send a bunch of traffic my way by showing my comics to a greater audience, and allow me a forum to post all my fetish pinups. It has accomplished both in record time with flying colors and various other euphamisms.


I actually really like alot of my BDSM pinups and I'm in love with my sleeping fetish girl.


So, if any of you are interested, you can find me on DeviantArt.

My Favorite Feedback So Far
by CyraEm

Out of all the well-wishings I've gotten since this thing started, my favorite is what popped up in my Facebook IM today:

Cameron: your new comic is pretty damn funny

Cyra: thanks. how'd you find it?

Cameron: ive been checking up on Mementa every few weeks and you posted the link there

Cyra: oh really? i've ignored mementa for so fucking long. cool

Cameron: yeah ahaha


Cameron: lol my fave quote from any of your comics is probably "I'll just pretend theyre making popcorn"

Cyra: dude, totally david and i are such horrible roomates

Cameron: lol i saw he slapped you i was like 'wtf relationship police help her!' then i thought 'wait no its Cyra thats probably just foreplay'

Cyra: ahahahahahaha

Relationship police.

And that's why I do comics, folks. For conversations like these.